Final Project ’19

This is a competition based on real-life project. You will be creating all necessary collateral and selling it to the client. As your instructor I will be acting as the client contact and the other design professors will also be acting as part of the client team for you to present to.

The first part of this project will require you to select an industry/company type for this project. This will be selected as a class.

Industry/Company Selected: Non-Profit
Presentation Date: Wednesday, May 1st 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Company Name: Happy Friends

#1 – Marianne, Halie, Emily M.
#2 – Emily G., Aurora, Emily T.
#3 – Rebecca, Judy, Vy, Robin

Final Ranking
First – #1
#2, #3

Group Review and Build Due: Monday, May 6th at 11:30 a.m.

Specification sheet (pdf)


Website Re-Design ’19

Using the steps we worked on we are going to tackle a re-design of an existing website.

You need to have chosen a website to re-design and uploaded a note letting me know the site to the class Google drive by Monday April 1st.

Materials Due: Monday, April 8th

Presentations Friday, April 12th

Build Due: Friday April 19th

Specification sheet (pdf)

New Site Design ’19

With all the work we have done to this point, looking at websites, evaluating websites, working in some HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, designing a little in browser and getting familiar with the interface we now need to focus on steps to design a site. Remember the information we have gathered and talked about up to this point to use for this project.

Things to keep in mind: Size of your thumb on mobile, one action click for mobile versus the added hover on desktop. Content highlights, feel of the site that you want, color choices. What is important to showcase on the homepage. Where do you want them to navigate, and how. Any extras you want to include that add to the experience.

Step 1
This step will be to get us started. I need you to decide on a type of site you want to create that has at least 5 pages. What kind I do not care, but your research and sketches need to follow the purpose of that site.

Due: Friday, March 1st

Step 2
Once settled on a design (or 2) we need to create composites for the client to see and decide on. This will include both digital and printed comps. The digital comps, done correctly, give us our files ready to go when we begin developing and a digital view for the client.

Mobile Due: Monday, March 4th

Tablet Due: Wednesday, March 6th

Desktop and Theme Due: Friday, March 8th

Step 3
This step we will be taking the set designs created in Photoshop and setting them up to print. Remember your print requirements; dpi, color space and dimensions. Photos must be optimized for print. This will be what we create for the client to hold and take with them for discussion after you have met with them. All the pages should be done in one InDesign file.

Due: Wednesday, March 20th

Step 4
Now that we have our designs set and assets generated we ned to put them together to sell them to a client. This will include live view of the digital comps, prints comps an information packet and a presentation. Refer to the specification sheet for details.

Due: Monday, March 24th

Step 5
Build it!

Due: Friday, March 29th

Specification sheet (pdf)

JavaScript Plug-in ’19

Lets jump to another page from the previous assignment. For this page we want to put in some JavaScript. Investigate JavaScript plug-ins and see how they work. Then put enough content on this page to make the chosen plug-in work. The more you research and look at the better sense you will have on the capabilities of JavaScript. See specification sheet below for details.

Due by end of class: Wednesday, February 27th

Specification sheet (pdf)

Portfolio Page ’19

Now we will jump to the Portfolio page from the previous assignment to start over and build out a page. Taking what we have done so far and a couple changes (see specification sheet below for details) we need to add design and Bootstrap structure to the page. Up to now we have been focused on getting the code to function, now we need to put it all together and design, setup and code a page.

Due by end of class: Friday, February 22nd

Specification sheet (pdf)