Creating a Website

This will be our first practice in preparing and creating a website. There are a few steps associated with doing this and as such we will be working through them here.

Step 1: Sketch and Plan: To start our site we need to research some websites we are competing with (or like) to get an idea of what is happening currently with websites. Be sure to choose updated sites, or a site that is updated regularly to stay on top of trends and features they are utilizing.

Due: During class Thursday, February 16th. Will have about an hour to work on them in class before we go through them.

Specification sheet (pdf)

Step 2: Comps: Once settled on a design (or 2) we need to create composites for the client to see and decide on. This will include both digital and printed comps. The digital comps, done correctly, give us our files ready to go when we begin developing and a digital view for the client. For the digital view we place each exported comp into html to view them on the various devices. The printed comps are used to provide the client with something to hold, follow along with during our presentation, take notes on and to take back with them to aid in their decision making. For our timeline we will begin with the digital comps and then move to the printed comps.

Due: During class Tuesday, February 21st we will complete the mobile and tablet comps of your website.

Due: During class Thursday, February 23rd we will complete the Desktop and theme comps.

Due: During class Tuesday, February 28th we will complete the print ready files in InDesign.

Specification sheet (pdf)


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