Final Project

This is a competition based on real-life project. You will be creating all necessary collateral and selling it to the client. As your instructor I will be acting as the client contact and the other design professors will also be acting as part of the client for you to present to.

The first part of this project will require you to select an industry/company type for this project. This will be selected as a class.

Industry/Company Selected: Advertising Agency
Presentation Date: Tuesday, May 2nd during class from 10:30 – 1:20 p.m.

Company Name: The Green Panda Group (Green Panda, Green Panda Group)

#1 – Sara, Shelby and Cheyenne
#2 – Emily, Mariah and Lindsey
#3 – Lorin and Taylor
#4 – Eva, Van and Aston
#5 – Claire, Amir and Tyler

Specification sheet (pdf)


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