Home page – CSS and BootStrap

Now that we have gotten some HTML created we are going to take it to the next level. This will include adding CSS and BootStrap to our page. This means we need to have some design thought put into it and style it accordingly. By utilizing BootStrap we will need to be sure it is visible and functional at all sizes (mobile and desktop). We will work on this in class Tuesday, February 7rd to finish up on and get it uploaded by the end of class Thursday, February 9th.

Specification sheet (pdf)


Home page – HTML

To start us off with some coding we are looking to begin our personal website. This is to be one html page of your website showcasing your site. As this is step one only HTML is to be used. We will be looking to add other features and languages at a later date. We will work on this in class Thursday, February 3rd to finish and have uploaded by Tuesday, February 7th.

Specification sheet (pdf)

Lynda.com -Certificates

Starting Tuesday, January 31st you will be  working to complete Lynda.com certificates about the materials we will be going over. Each certificate is worth 30 points. You will be working on these certificates on your own time and will need to be completed at certain times and dates listed with them.

Here are list of courses I expect you to complete the training for:

HTML5: Structure, Syntax and Semantics with James Williamson Time: 3h 34m.
Complete before class Tuesday, February 7th.

CSS Fundamentals with James Williamson Time: 2h 51m.
Complete before class Thursday, February 9th.

Bootstrap 3 Essential Training with Ray Villalobos Time: 4h 55m
Complete before class Thursday, February 16th.

Dreamweaver CC Essential Training with James Williamson Time: 8h 7m
Complete before class Tuesday, February 28th.

Responsive Web Design in the Browser with Morten Reand-Hendriksen Time: 1h 51m
Complete before class Tuesday, March 2nd.

On the dates the certificates are due, you will bring them to class or have them uploaded to the google drive before class to receive your credit. If you do NOT show me the certificate that day it is due at the beginning of class or have it uploaded before class NO credit will be awarded. Here is an example of the certificate: